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Newark market place

Newark market place
Newark market place dull Saturday morning

Newark Church

Newark Church
Two residents at the weir

Snowy Dry Doddington

Snowy Dry Doddington
Snow on the road to not very Dry Doddington

Raleigh Runabout RM6 Refurbished

Raleigh Runabout RM6 Refurbished
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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Honda SS50 almost complete

It has taken me about 6 months to transform what was a sad and shabby looking vehicle with many parts missing into what you see here now. It is far from perfect, particularly if you look carefully. Remember digital cameras often lie, particularly on Ebay!

It is a budget refurbishment to achieve a tidy, safe and reliable machine that I can potter around country lanes on.

The seat looks a bit strange. I don't like it. It is a pattern part and as soon as I learn how to weld and re-cover seats it will be replaced by a refurbished original. I have two more of these bikes in the garage awaiting treatment so if you have any spare parts you don't want, let me know. I would be particularly interested in an engine, mudguards for the four speed model, rear swinging arm or a good seat or seat base.

The refurb can be seen on the sport moped site (link on this blog) if you are interested in an old man's pain and suffering.


technology said...


Jason P said...

I have a Puch M50 Grand Prix SL (Super Luxe) 1976/1977

In need of some TLC has been in storage since 1979 with only 117 Miles on the clock.

Bike is complete, only missing the keys therfore has not been tested running:
This model

Orig Technical Data:

If interested in purchase please phone UK 01480 456421 and ask for Jason